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Everyone wants to be rich. The allure of sports cars, yachts, Rolexes, and such status symbols is unmistakable. That said, how many are willing to put in the hard work. How many are ready to identify and take advantage of money-making opportunities

Fact is, opportunities are few and even for those scarce ones, competition is stiff, sometimes cut-throat. Many desire to climb up the social ladder but lack the means or guidance. At Bitqt we have everything to make you rich. We are ready to show you the road to immeasurable wealth. With the right tools at your disposal; you will be left wondering why you never made it earlier.

Bitqt is the way for you to start trading profitably and unshackle your financial chains. We are the keys to your financial freedom, and there are countless why you should join us.

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Our Technology

In either methodology chosen, Bitqt trading software can be accessed directly from your desktop or your smartphone. The trader isn’t required to download any form of software.

This is exactly the level of commitment, determination, and flexibility we offer on our part to make our traders millionaires.

Why Join Us Today?

In our possession is an advanced trading software application designed by the best brains from different fields. Describing it as a work of art is an understatement. Bitqt trading application is perfection. A masterpiece that is designed specifically to overcome the challenges faced by ordinary traders. We wanted to build a system for you and be representative of the fast-paced crypto scene.

For this reason, we went the extra mile in preparation. We searched, scoured for the best programmers across the globe to translate what our elite partner traders had gathered through their many years of experience. Better still, we roped in the best analysts and artificial intelligence specialists to fine-tune our algorithm. After months of testing, we finally launched a system that was safe, secure, rigorously tested, and fitted with the best identifiers to smell out trading opportunities, so fast a human mind—regardless of how brilliant it is, can’t keen up.

The Bitqt is flexible enough to accommodate the needs of divergent traders employing different profitable tactics suitable for their risk profiles. A simple toggling and you can automate your trading activities. Automation through the deployment of robots tuned to factor in your initial margin—or deposit, and risk management strategies preferred by the trader activates a trading system that works without our traders actively tracking each and every move. By deploying trading bots, a trader can rightly use different strategies fitting a specific methodology for their advantage. One big advantage of automating your Bitcoin and crypto trading activity is the leveraging the trading bot’s superb ability to pick opportunities and size out trades before directly investing without human intervention. Here, as pre-programmed, orders are executed, riding emotions that have been known to be the main hindrance to profitability.

Alternatively, a trader can choose to trade manually. Here, he/she will be in charge of processes, determining how orders are sized, and when they are placed. To better assist the trader, Bitqt remains one of the easiest to use across the globe. It is easy to navigate and remains customizable, enabling traders to integrate strategies they are comfortable with. In this arrangement, the trader will manually decide parameters such as order sizing and the level of risks. Ultimately, the desire is for the trader to make money and remain profitable.

1. Is Bitqt Legit?

Yes. Bitqt is a legitimate, high-performance trading software with proven results. It is regulated and certified, complying with binding rules and regulations in our areas of operation.

2. What is the difference between cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin?

Cryptocurrencies, or short for crypto, is a broad term that defines digital assets whose applications range from payment to network utility. All cryptocurrencies are underpinned and secured by a secure, public blockchain. Bitcoin is an example of a cryptocurrency. There are over 4,500 cryptocurrencies according to coin trackers.

3. Do you trade real Bitcoins?

No. We only offer a platform where traders can profit from the price movement of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Bitqt is a Contract for Difference (CFD) broker.

4. Is trading Bitcoin legal?

Yes. In most jurisdictions where laws have been formulated, there are laws that classify Bitcoin as an asset whose gains are subject to taxation. Trading Bitcoin is therefore mostly legal excerpt in countries like Mainland China and few countries where it is banned.

5. What is a Bitcoin CFD?

A Contract for Difference (CFD) is a special derivative product that relieves the trader of the hassle of safeguarding their coins. With our trading pairs, you don’t have to secure real Bitcoin. This way, we keep you focused on the price. That of making money and becoming rich.

6. Is Bitqt secure?

With our state of the art security measures and incorporation of advanced encryption methods, your personal data is secure from theft. At the same time, funds are safe from hackers. At no time has Bitqt been hacked.

7. Can I trade the Forex Market?

Absolutely. We have the flexibility to present the best for our traders. On one hand, our clients can concentrate on tapping the booming cryptocurrency market and profit from their volatility, on the other they can trade one of the largest, deepest, and liquid markets in the world—the Forex market.

8. Do you charge fees and commissions?

The only fees applicable for traders are spreads. This is the difference between a crypto pair’s bid and ask price. Other than this, there are no hidden fees, commission, deposit charges, or other unspecified charges not stated in our terms and conditions. Using the Bitqt trading software is free for our registered clients.

9. I’m new to trading and cryptocurrency, how do I proceed?

Registering an account with us doesn’t require any experience. You can either choose to learn the ropes and perfect your trading skills through our free demo account or let our optimized trading bots make money on your behalf. Regardless of the choice, previous experience isn’t necessary.

Get wealth from cryptocurrencies now

Sign Up (It’s Free!) And Start a New Life!

Register with Us

To get started is also easy. In the spirit of blockchain and its openness, trading Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies follows this short procedure:


Sign up. It takes less than two minutes. Some of your personal information like full names, a working email address, and phone number are required. A full name is needed for verification of your payment details, your phone number to connect with your personal account manager and an email address for account authentication. We aren’t intrusive. Assured, all these details aren’t shared with third parties and are always encrypted.


You will be contacted by one of our trained personal account managers for guidance and how to deposit. A minimum of $250 is required. Deposit and;


Begin trading like a pro. Your Bitcoin and crypto trading can either be automated or done in manual mode.

Start trading now

BitQT is here to offer average people the most lucrative opportunity so that they can become rich without spending a lot of time to do so. With a very small initial deposit, you can generate a huge profit by using BitQT. Don’t miss your chance to profit by trading cryptocurrency.

Our Advantages

Browsing through, you’ll learn why the trading software is highly regarded and on-demand across the world. It is intuitive, true, but then again, there are more merits:

  • Bitqt is free to use. You won’t be charged to use the system in any way. Besides, there are no deposit or withdrawal fees. Everything you make off from trading is yours, and yours alone. We won’t impose any fees.
  • You don’t need to download Bitqt to use. This way, we not only bring in flexibility enabling traders to login from anywhere and profit from crypto price movements but also, this is a fraud deterrence tactic. Sensing opportunities, nefarious agents can clone and post fake applications purposefully to steal your login data.
  • Registration is in seconds: Signing up for any service shouldn’t be demanding or a hassle. We want you to start making money, faster and immediately so that you can take advantage of opportunities. This is why it takes less than five minutes to begin trading with Bitqt.
  • Account Verification is easy. We continue to evolve and factor in feedback from our clients. In doing so, we have managed to significantly cut wait up times. Aside from the few personal details required by your account manager for guidance, the only reason you have to wait is for that phone call for deposit guidance. This is only done once. Repeat deposits are automated through our various deposit channels.
  • Bitqt interface is easy to use and not only supports a variety of cryptocurrencies which is perfectly suitable for traders but there is a demo account. This account is for beginners or intermediate traders who wish to further perfect their trading before digging right in with their hard-earned cash.
  • Profits withdrawals are instantaneous. This can be done through various means including leading credit cards as well as several e-wallets. Generally, all withdrawal requests are done within 24 hours once received by our back-office members.
  • Helpful customer care accessible every day of the week. The dedicated customer care team is availed to our clients on top of the personal account managers who contact all new traders upon registration. Bitqt is cognizant of the fact that although the system has been perfectly optimized, errors are sometimes inevitable though we try to minimize them. In that regard, Bitqt customer care lines channels are open every day of the week.