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The year 2024 has been a turbulent one for investors and economies globally. Cryptocurrencies have also seen a lot of action, fluctuating tremendously due to the volatility of the market.

Yet, digital assets have never seemed to fall off the radar and are getting bigger and bigger. Bitcoin, in particular, reached a new all-time high of over $63,000.

And investors are pretty excited about that! Everyone wants to be rich, after all. The allure of sports cars, yachts, Rolexes is unmistakable. The allure of having financial freedom!


BitiQ is the way for you to start trading and unshackle your financial chains. BitiQ could be the key to unlocking your maximum financial potential. Don't waste more time and take advantage of this scarce opportunity.

Open a BitiQ trading account and start trading immediately via our partners with as little as $250.

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BitiQ: Powered by the Blockchain Leadership Summit

BitiQ is cryptocurrency trading solution powered by the latest trends in AI & Blockchain technology. We connect traders and brokers globally to ensure high quality, following the international industry standards set by the Swiss Blockchain Leadership Summit.

Our partners offer registered users novel trading tools, auto bots, detailed charts, hot news, and various financial instruments. From Bitcoin to forex and commodities like gold – you decide how to diversify your portfolio.

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Why Should I Open a Trading Account with BitiQ?

With the growing role of technology, there are different ways to trade Bitcoin. In fact, there are many parties providing trading services. Competition is stiff, sometimes cut-throat.

That said, many platforms lack the right means and high accessibility BitiQ offers. Here is why BitiQ is the ultimate place to help you start trading:

  • That said, many platforms lack the right means and high accessibility BitiQ offers. Here is why BitiQ is the ultimate place to help you start trading:
  • BitiQ is accessible: You don’t need to download anything to use the BitiQ app and auto trading system. Our partners offer flexibility enabling fully registered users to use either their desktop or mobile version, exploring immerse trading settings.
  • Legit registration process in a few minutes: Signing up for services online shouldn’t be a hassle in the 21st century. With us, initial investors can sign up and will be instantly transferred to our partner's trading platform. Just make sure you are using the official BitiQ site as nefarious agents can clone and post fake applications purposefully to steal your login data.
  • Safe account verification: After registering, we'll transfer you to one of our reputable brokers who can significantly cut waiting times. Just pick up the phone when your personal account manager calls you.
  • Demo trading for beginners: Beginner traders who wish to further perfect their trading strategies can try the BitiQ demo account and demo trading options offered by our partners. Yet, we recommend talking to a professional advisor if you are completely unsure about your trading strategy.
  • Automated solutions for experienced traders: If you have enough experience, you can use some of the automation tools, algorithms, and crypto trading bots offered by our partners. Automation through the deployment of robots tuned to factor in your initial margin and risk management strategies can be beneficial. It offers the superb ability to pick opportunities and size out trades, riding emotions that have been known to be the main hindrance to trading. Note that the use of the BitiQ robot requires users to perform trades automatically based on given parameters and may be not suitable for all investors.
  • Customer support accessible every day of the week: Our brokerage partners have a dedicated customer support team that is availed to our clients on top of the personal account managers who contact all new traders upon registration. You can ask anything about cryptocurrency trading, your live trading journey, market news, trading strategies, and the BitiQ crypto robot.
  • Enhanced security: We all know that trading cryptocurrencies can generate notable benefits but also risks. Mainstream exchanges remain porous and fallible. In contrast, by integrating the best security strategies that encrypt your submitted data and personal details, your trading experience with our partners is elevated and secure. As an integrated part of the Blockchain Leadership network, BitiQ strives for 100% data protection.
  • Innovative and user-friendly: Right off the bat, we’ve been partnering with trustworthy and highly regulated brokers whose trading solutions shout class and innovation. We roped in the best analysts and artificial intelligence specialists to fine-tune our algorithm to connect you with the best brokers in your country. Because having a top-notch day trading platform with a beginner- and user-friendly interface is ideal for all traders with varying styles, philosophies, preferences, and methodologies.

Describing BitiQ as a work of art is an understatement. BitiQ is perfection, a masterpiece explicitly designed to overcome the challenges faced by many traders in 2024. With all the right tools at your disposal, you will be left wondering why you haven’t joined us earlier.

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How to Create an Account?

In the spirit of DeFi and blockchain technologies and their transparency, getting started with us is easy as 1-2-3:

1: Sign up. Create an account in seconds. BitiQ is suitable for beginners, completely free, and safe. Fill in your personal information, and we will transfer you to the best broker in your region. Assured, your details aren’t shared with unauthorised third parties and are always encrypted. It's your own personal responsibility to check the assigned broker's page to see how they further protect your personal information.

2. Activate your account: You will be contacted by one of our broker's personal account managers for guidance on how to start live trading via their trading app. Of course, you can try the demo account offered. The only requirement to get started is a minimum individual capital of $250 to fund your account and enjoy your first live trading session. Do not forget an important risk note, though. Trading contains a significant risk, so never trade money you can't afford to lose.

3. Trade: Begin live trading like a pro with our partner's trading resources. You can begin trading digital assets, but you can also buy and sell commodity options, invest in the best players on the stock market, and much more. While you can lose money while trading and may never become a billionaire like Elon Musk, don’t miss your chance to dive into the crypto market with its unique volatility.

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BitiQ is here to answer all your questions. Unlike generic chatbots built on natural language processing algorithms, we have a personalised approach to crypto trading. And because we understand your potential worries, we have summarised some frequently asked questions to help you get started.

What is BitiQ?

BitiQ is a unique system powered by the Blockchain Leadership Summit that connects traders with reputable and regulated brokers. We at BitiQ review brokerage firms 24/7 to facilitate Bitcoin trading throughout the globe. For our services, we are compensated by our affiliated brokers.

What Is the Swiss Blockchain Summit?

As innovators in AI & Blockchain technology, the Swiss Blockchain Summit sets international standards and hosts multiple events to promote fair practices in cryptocurrency trading in 2024.

Is BitiQ legit?

Yes, BitiQ works only with reputable brokers that employ novel security algorithms. Any BitiQ review online will confirm that trading via our system is the real deal.

How can I access the BitiQ app?

You can easily access the BitiQ app offered by our partners. They enable mobile trading from anywhere in the world and eliminate the need for expensive equipment. Judging by almost any BitiQ app review, Bitcoin trading has never been so accessible.

Is crypto trading legal?

Crypto trading regulations vary throughout the globe. Access to our site does not mean that the use of our partner's services and the BitiQ app or BitiQ robot is legal in your country. Thus, it's your responsibility to check if the broker we send you to complies with local directives regarding Bitcoin trading. Also, make sure you are familiar with your tax liability.

Is BitiQ beginner-friendly?

Yes, definitely. Almost anyone can register with us and access our partner's user-friendly tools, BitiQ app, and trading resources page. Those who want to perfect their trades can use a demo account as well. If you are a complete beginner, however, make sure to seek professional financial advice to limit poor financial decisions.

Can I use a BitiQ trading robot?

You can use the BitiQ crypto robot offered by our partners to trade BTC. Note that the use of a trading robot can be risky as it's an auto trading system operating on set parameters. Thus, using the BitiQ robot is recommended only for experienced traders who know how to set their trading robot and potentially benefit from it.

Is BitiQ secure?

Yes, we employ novel security algorithms to protect user data. That said, while we at BitiQ review different partners constantly to find the right one for you, we have no control over other third parties or data shared over the internet. We do not guarantee any profits. You may lose your entire capital!

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