Privacy Statement

1. Introduction

BitiQ places the protection, everything being equal, to our site in high respect. We have made it our central goal to guarantee your actually recognizable data (Personal Data) stays individual. We will constantly find suitable ways to protect those referenced above concerning the fitting principles and guidelines.

Coming up next is a top to bottom protection proclamation that makes sense of how BitiQ (as a Data Controller) involves your Personal Data in the everyday running of the site. We build, use, reveal, or in any case utilize your Personal Data as legally necessary or as in any case determined in this report.

In the accompanying protection proclamation, we will utilize a wide assortment of terms that have a particular definition under significant security rules (for example, "Individual Data" or "Information Controller"). Segment 4 of this protection explanation includes a glossary that makes sense of the significance of these terms.

BitiQ maintains whatever authority is needed to revise this security proclamation by supplanting it on BitiQ's site.

It would be a good idea for you to contact us if you have any inquiries connecting with this protection explanation.

2. What do we do with your Personal Data?

Individual Data is any data connected with a distinguished or recognizable individual. This incorporates (however isn't restricted to) names, addresses, photos, authoritative archives like identifications or driving licenses, monetary records, messages, other individual correspondence, and agreements.

Which Personal Data do we gather about you?

We gather both Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Non-Personally Identifiable Information (Non-PII). Subsequently, we might gather and additionally process the accompanying data with respect to you:

Data that you give to us: Personal Data given to us by you while mentioning data from us or finishing (contact) structures on our site;

Correspondence: When you reach us (for instance, by means of email), we might store our correspondence with you.

Who is the Data Controller, and what lawful premise do we have for handling your Personal Data?

BitiQ is the Data Controller in accordance with your Personal Data. In this limit, BitiQ decides how your Personal Data is handled. BitiQ has four (4) lawful purposes behind handling your Personal Data, as detailed beneath:

Contract execution: wherein your Personal Data is legitimately expected for the planning of, or passage into, a lawful agreement among you and BitiQ;

Assent: where you have agreed to the utilization of your Personal Data;

Genuine interest; wherein BitiQ utilizes your Personal Data to accomplish a genuine interest, and our purposes behind doing not entirely set in stone to outweigh information security freedoms.

How would we utilize your Personal Data?

The Data Controller will involve your Personal Data for the accompanying purposes:

For correspondence and enrollment: when you contact BitiQ or complete a (contact) structure on our site, we will utilize your data to answer or interact with your solicitation.

For advancements of BitiQ: in the wake of accepting your assent, the Data Controller might get in touch with you in regards to advancements (e.g., showcasing improvements, special exercises, or relevant news in regards to BitiQ).

To work on the security and client experience of BitiQ's site: we might utilize your Personal Data (explicitly in accordance with your utilization of our site) to further develop the convenience and security of the said site.

What are cookies, and how do we utilize them?

Cookies are little message records that are shipped off your gadget (phone, laptop, or PC) that permits a site to perceive the telephone or PC as a familiar gadget.

We use cookies to further develop your site insight and empower the site to appropriately work. You might erase or deactivate cookies through your program settings; notwithstanding, this will adversely affect your site insight and may, truth be told, render the site unusable. We utilize the accompanying cookies:

Practical cookies: These cookies are fundamental for the site to work. Without these, the utilization of our site is incomprehensible;

Google Analytics: These cookies are utilized to work on the nature of our site insight. BitiQ has an understanding set up with Google by which Google can't see or in any case utilize the information gathered through these cookies.

Outsider cookies: These cookies are put by outsiders and associate accomplices.

To change cookie settings from your program, we've added the accompanying pages to the most normally utilized programs overall for your benefit.

For the Chrome internet browser, visit this page from Google:

For the Internet Explorer internet browser, kindly visit this page from Microsoft:

For the Firefox internet browser, if it's not too much trouble, visit this page from Mozilla: cookies eliminate data sites store

For the Safari internet browser, kindly visit this page from Apple: cookies and-site information sfri11471/macintosh

Visit your internet browser's true pages for some other internet browser.

Where is your Personal Data put away?

BitiQ doesn't hold your Personal Data. We may notwithstanding, connect outsider specialist organizations that will, at our solicitation, process your Personal Data. Such demands are dependent upon information handling arrangements, and your personal data won't be shared without your assent and additionally except if at BitiQ's express solicitation.

How does BitiQ safeguard my Personal Data?

BitiQ has carried out fitting safety efforts to defend its clients' very own information. Such defense shift is indicated by the awareness and amount of Personal Data. Admittance to Personal Data is limited and is revealed exclusively to faculty and outsiders that require the data for authentic business purposes.

On the off chance that BitiQ is legitimately committed to reveal Personal Data, whether to policing or controllers, said organization or controller will expect the job of Data Controller. BitiQ will continually evaluate demands made by such substances to find out whether the revelation is a lawful prerequisite and will just unveil as much Personal Data as is important to fulfill our legitimate necessities.

How long do you hold my information for?

BitiQ holds your Personal Data for no longer than is expected by the reason for which it was gotten. We are not liable for information shared over internet-based discussions or through outsiders.

3. What are your freedoms?

You have a few rights with respect to your Personal Data, as itemized beneath:

Subject access: you are qualified for access to any Personal Data of yours held by BitiQ;

Correction: you might demand that BitiQ right or in any case alter any off-base Personal Data.

Deletion: you might ask for, in specific situations, that BitiQ eradicate any Personal Data relating to you; if different Data Controllers are presently holding any Personal Data, BitiQ will likewise find sensible ways to illuminate other said Data Controllers regarding your solicitation.

Versatility: you might demand that BitiQ electronically move your Personal Data to an outsider.

Raise a complaint: you might raise an objection in regards to our utilization of your Personal Data with any significant administrative body in your ward. If it's not too much trouble, allude to the significant information assurance regulations in your nation of home.

Likewise, you, under particular conditions, reserve the option to pull out any assent where handling depends on said assent.

Object to any Personal Data handling supported by BitiQ under authentic interest lawful grounds, except if BitiQ's explanations behind handling your Personal Data are not entirely settled to offset your information insurance privileges.

4. Defined terms

Under pertinent information insurance regulation, the accompanying terms have a particular significance as definite beneath:

Under pertinent information insurance regulation, the accompanying terms have a particular significance as definite beneath:

Information Controller: the legitimate individual or regulatory element that, whether alone or related to different people/authoritative substances, decides the reasons for and method for controlling and additionally handling Personal Data.

Individual Data: any data connected with a recognized or recognizable individual. This incorporates (yet isn't restricted to) names, addresses, photos, authoritative archives like identifications or driving licenses, monetary records, messages, other individual correspondence, and agreements.

Handling of Personal Data: any activity, or succession of tasks, concerning Personal Data. This incorporates (yet isn't restricted to) the assortment, recording, capacity, association, refreshing, dispersal, recovery, alteration/adjustment, blending, connecting, impeding, deletion, as well as the annihilation of Personal Data.